Celebrex is successfully used pain-killer: its applying, dosing, contraindications and interactions with other drugs!

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Do you know what is Celebrex, how does it operate and when is it applied? This medical agent chiefly possesses by the pain-relieving; analgesic, anti-feverish and antiinflammatory effects. Like tramadol pain relief this officinal product belongs to the class of powerful pain-killers. Sometimes besides treatment of the painful syndromes this medical remedy is effectively used for curing of various oncological illnesses such as it shows the effectiveness in treating of fatty intestine’s cancer. Medication for pain relief including different officinal agents with analgesic effect is usually sold online in the best pharmacies. As compared with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medicaments this medicant chiefly heightens the risk of the unfatal infarction, brings down the risk of stroke and it doesn’t influence on the cardio-vascular mortality.


Applying of Celebrex medication


There are different indications for Celebrex over the counter application. Such other medical agent from this category this drug is usually applied for the painful syndromes with various etiologies. Celebrex for arthritis is mostly taken in the standard dosing. Also this medicamental remedy is successfully prescribed for treatment of such negative states of the patient’s organism accompanied mainly by the powerful pains as

– algodismenorrhea;

– osteoarthritis;

– neuralgia;

– juvenile arthritis;

– myalgia;

– headaches;

– ankylosing or rheumatoid spondylitis;

– podagra;

– arthrosis all types;

– rheumatoid arthritis;

– toothaches;

– rheumatism;

– post operative pains;

– osteoarthrosis;

– arthralgia;

– many other painful syndromes.

In structure of complex therapy this medicament is take for medical curing of sick persons with family adenomatous polyposis for some diminishing of the quantity and sizes of the adenomatous colorectal polyps.


The ways of Celebrex medication usage

You can buy Celebrex without prescription and take it according to the main instruction. It is recommended to apply this drug in dosages as 200mg twice per day. Taking into account that lesions from the side of cardio-vascular system are mostly depended from the doses pf these medicines it is chiefly followed to apply this medicament in minimally effective dosing and by the therapeutical courses with short duration. Under the osteoarthritis it is necessary to use this preparation by 200ng per day – such this dose in one application as by 100mg twice per day. Under the necessity the daily norm can be enlarged till 800 mg a day maximally only under the physician’s observation and without any risks of side effects’ development. Rheumatoid arthritis is treated by 200-400mg a day divided into two applications. The maximal dosing is 800 mg (by 400mg twice per day). The applying under the sharpest pains include: primary dosing – 400-600mg in a day and in following by 200mg two times per day. Celebrex ingredients are prescribed as additional medical remedy to the conducting standard therapy of the family adenomatous polyposis. The recommended dosages are by 400 mg two times a day. Under the renal insufficiency with light or medium degree of severity the dosage lowering isn’t needed.


Contraindications of Celebrex medication


Like tramadol pain med and other medicaments from this officinal category Celebrex isn’t taken by patients with intolerance of one or several components contained this preparation, high apprehensibility to the sulfanilamides, allergic reactions in anamnesis under the applying of the acetylsalicylic acid or other nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medicaments, after the operations by the aortocoronary bypass surgery and so on. This drug isn’t also applied together with MAO inhibitors, barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants, antibiotics and other pain-killers. Celebrex contraindications also include different chronic sicknesses of the heart, kidneys or liver.


Side effects of Celebrex medication

Celebrex side effects under not prolonged applying in dosing of 100-800mg can be manifested in view of

– allergic reactions;

– itching;

– edema;

– some phenomena of dyspepsia;

– meteorism;

– peripheral edemas;

– insomnia;

– infections of the upper respiratory ways;

– cough;

– rhinitis;

– infections of the urinary tract;

– influenza similar reactions;

– anxiety;

– some noising in the ears;

– anemia;

– thrombocytopenia;

– hot flushes;

– arterial hypertension;

– arrhythmia;

– some discomposing of vision;

– alopecia;

– nettle rush;

– angioneurotic edema;

– chronic cardiac insufficiency;

– some formation of the ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract;

– development of the pancreatitis;

– heightening of the transaminases activity;

– forming of the bulls on skin cover;

– mental confusion.

And how long does it take Celebrex to work? Under the prolonged application (till three years) in doses as 400-800mg the possible collateral results are

– high blood pressure;

– stool’s some disarrays;

– some contagions of ears;

– nonsystematic fungous infections;

– ischemic diseases of the heart;

– stenocardia;

– cardiac infarction;

– nausea;

– dysphagy;

– formation of the concrements in kidneys;

– prostatitis;

– heightening of the Creatinine;

– vomiting;

– ischemic stroke;

– arrhythmia;

– ulcers of the oral cavity;

– vaginal bleedings;

– many others.

In any case you need to take this medicament with prudence and under the careful controlling of the medical specialists.

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